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 Official Rules

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PostSubject: Official Rules   Sun May 08, 2011 1:23 am

Inazuma Eleven Fan Forums' Rules
  • Listen to the staff. If we tell you to stop, do so. If you refuse, then you will most likely be banned for a minimum of 24 hours. Repeated offenses may eventually lead to a perma-ban.

  • No trolling. Be respectful towards your fellow members.

  • Avatars should all be equal to or less than 125 pixels in width, so as to avoid stretching out the page and making things unslightly.

  • Signatures should be kept as short and brief as possible. If you like to make things flashy, please put all of your images and such into a spoiler, so that it doesn't stretch out the page excessively.

  • If you should by any chance see a member disobey the rules, please notify a staff member immediately. Feel free to point them through here and explain what they did wrong, but it's a lot easier for the staff if you help us keep track of these type of things.

  • No advertising anywhere if you haven't asked for permission to do so.

  • No explicit content allowed. This means no pornographic content in post, signatures or avatars.

  • Try to keep swearing to the minimum.

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Official Rules
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